In this article, we can learn about Time Awareness and it is used to get holidays information of most regions and sunrise, and sunset time of all cities around the world.

What is Awareness Kit?

Huawei Awareness Kit provides our application to obtain information such as current time, location, behavior, audio device status, ambient light, weather, and nearby beacons. Using this information we can get an advantage over user’s current situation more efficiently and can manipulate data for better user experience.

Barrier API

This API is used to set a timer or a barrier based on the target time…


In this article, we will learn how to integrate Image super-resolution feature using Huawei HiAI kit into android application, user can convert the high resolution images easily and can reduce the image quality size automatically.

User can capture a photo or old photo with low resolution and if user want to convert the picture to high resolution automatically, then this service will help us to change.

What is Huawei HiAI?

HiAI is Huawei’s AI computing platform. HUAWEI HiAI is a mobile terminal–oriented artificial intelligence (AI) computing platform that constructs three layers of ecology, as follows:

· Service capability openness


In this article, we can learn how to detect sound events. The detected sound events can helps user to perform subsequent actions. Currently, the following types of sound events are supported: laughter, child crying, snoring, sneezing, shouting, mew, barking, running water (such as water taps, streams and ocean waves), car horns, doorbell, knocking, sounds of fire alarms (including smoke alarms) and sounds of other alarms (such as fire truck alarm, ambulance alarm, police car alarm and air defense alarm).

Use case

This service we will use in day to day life. Example: If user hearing is damaged, it is…


In this article, we will learn how to integrate Scene detection feature using Huawei HiAI Engine.

Scene detection can quickly identify the image types and type of scene that the image content belongs, such as animals, green plants, food, buildings, and automobiles. Scene detection can also add smart classification labels to images, facilitating smart album generation and category-based image management.


  • Fast: This algorithm is currently developed based on the deep neural network, to fully utilize the neural processing unit (NPU) of Huawei mobile phones to accelerate the neural network, achieving an acceleration of over 10 times.
  • Lightweight: This…


In this article, we can learn about Huawei Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) which is dynamic tag management system. You can manage tags, events dynamically from web UI. It also helps to send data to third party analytics platform like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and AppsFlyer etc.

Purpose of DTM

This DTM will sent an events on any page, button click or navigation to other screens, we can filter those events dynamically from web.

For Example: When students record is updated in school education apps, after you submit all the details. It will save Name, ID, Percentage, Grade and Description


In this article, we can learn how to integrate User Detect feature for Fake User Identification into the apps using HMS Safety Detect kit.

What is Safety detect?

Safety Detect builds strong security capabilities which includes system integrity check (SysIntegrity), app security check (AppsCheck), malicious URL check (URLCheck), fake user detection (UserDetect), and malicious Wi-Fi detection (WifiDetect) into your app, and effectively protecting it against security threats.

What is User Detect?

It Checks whether your app is interacting with a fake user. This API will help your app to prevent batch registration, credential stuffing attacks, activity bonus hunting, and…


In this article, we can learn about Huawei Video Engine integration in your apps. It has cinematic color grading and advanced video encoding capability to quickly build video encoding features, and also delivers the smooth, high-definition, and low bit-rate video media.


  • Cinematic color grading
  • Advanced video encoding

Cinematic color grading:

  • Video Engine provides the cinematic color grading feature to enrich your app immeasurably. It means the same video will have different color shades can be implemented, you can find here.
  • Querying whether the cinematic color grading feature is supported.
  • Querying the list of preset filters and color grading…


In this article, we can learn about the AV (Audio Video) Pipeline Kit. It provides open multimedia processing capabilities for mobile app developers with a lightweight development framework and high-performance plugins for audio and video processing. It enables you to quickly operate services like media collection, editing and playback for audio and video apps, social media apps, e-commerce apps, education apps etc.

AV Pipeline Kit provides three major features, as follows:

Pipeline customization

  • Supports rich media capabilities with the SDKs for collection, editing, media asset management and video playback.
  • Provides various plugins for intelligent analysis and processing.
  • Allows developers…


In this article, we can learn how to detect the fake faces using the Liveness Detection feature of Huawei ML Kit. It will check the face appearance and detects whether the person in front of camera is a real person or a person is holding a photo or a mask. It has become a necessary component of any authentication system based on face biometrics for verification. It compares the current face which is on record, to prevent the fraud access to your apps. Liveness detection is very useful in many situations. …


In this article, we can learn how to integrate the Huawei Fast Identity Online (FIDO) in apps to make your device secure. The BioAuthn has applied to capture 3D facial and fingerprint-based authentications and uses the system integrity check result as a prerequisite. The fingerprint authentication is used mainly in finance, banks, time and attendance apps etc. Main purpose is to ensure that the app user is owner of the device. This service uses the fingerprint that is saved on the device. …

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